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A recent survey in the Dallas/ Fort Worth region for Mortgage Professionals shined the light of excellence on Eugene Yost with Innovative Mortgage Services.  Eugene Yost was honored with the title Five-Star Mortgage Professional in Texas Monthly Magazine June 2018 edition: “2018 Dallas/Fort Worth Five Star Mortgage Professionals.” He has newly been recognized again as a 6 time Consecutive Year Winner for 2013 - 2018, soon to be featured in an upcoming Texas Monthly Magazine.


Five Star Professional conducted the survey which provides independent research to identify professionals who score highest in overall customer satisfaction. The firm sought input from a total of 43,000 homeowners in the DFW Metroplex on their experience in the past year and the final list in the survey identified the top 1% of mortgage professional in the market.  The selected mortgage originators are chosen by an extensive research process and are validated to identify a Loan Professional who scores the highest in overall satisfaction in the market by their clients. The award allows their clients to know they are working with a True Professional.


Now entering its Seventh year in the DFW Market, the Five Star Mortgage Professional program awards candidates that have been nominated directly by consumers for their exemplary service. The program, which is the largest and most widely published mortgage professional award program in North America, requires nominees to satisfy five objective eligibility criteria. The five areas of evaluation are: customer service; integrity; communication; preparation and attention to detail; and overall satisfaction.  Additionally, respondents are asked if they would recommend the mortgage professional to a friend.


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“2018 Dallas/Fort Worth Five Star Home Professionals.” Texas Monthly. June 2018 ed. Special Advertising Selection. Pages RED pgs 1, 42-61.

For more information on Five Star awards and the research and selection methodology, go to Five Star Professional Award;

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